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Transform your restaurant into a culinary masterpiece that not only caters to changing preferences but also stands out as an exceptional establishment, endorsed by BrainStorm Consulting, the foremost global authority in restaurant consulting. Elevate your offerings to enthrall evolving palates, setting a new standard for excellence in the industry. With our guidance, your restaurant will not only keep up with the times but lead the way, becoming a destination that garners worldwide recognition.

Unlock Your Potential

As a seasoned professional in the food and beverage sector, my recommendation for restaurant proprietors is to enhance their establishments and maintain a competitive edge.

BrainStorm Consulting, a widely acclaimed firm specializing in restaurant consultancy, acknowledges the significance of embracing innovation to align with evolving customer preferences. In today's fiercely competitive landscape, the integration of distinctive and cutting-edge technology is paramount for drawing in and retaining a devoted customer following.

Our Main Practices


Through meticulous analysis and innovative strategies, MAYAi rejuvenates a diverse array of dining establishments, including restaurants, bars, cafes, diners, and more, ensuring they align with current trends and profitability objectives. Elevate your business to captivate and satisfy the ever-evolving tastes.

Efficiency Solutions

Elevate your restaurant's profits and guest satisfaction to new heights with our comprehensive streamlined operations service. At BrainStorm Consulting, we specialize in optimizing your business processes, offering innovative technological solutions, and providing thorough staff training.

Exceptional Journeys

We offer personalized customer experience services to restaurants, including staff training, feedback management, and enhancing every aspect of guests' interactions. Our goal is to improve your restaurant's reputation and increase customer loyalty from the moment we make contact.

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Our Services

Elevate your restaurant brand with the transformative expertise of BrainStorm Consulting.

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Restaurant Optimization and Innovation Analysis

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Operational Efficiency Enhancement & Plan of Action

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Customer Experience Enhancement & Audit

Feedback from Clients

Why you should hire our firm.

BrainStorm Consulting's expertise is unparalleled. Their insights and strategies transformed our restaurant, optimizing profits and revamping our menu. They're the top choice for culinary innovation.

- Hannah

BrainStorm Consulting exceeded our expectations. Their strategies revitalized our guest experience, driving more footfall and boosting satisfaction. Their expertise is a game-changer.

- Teddy

BrainStorm Consulting's strategies redefined our brand and market presence. Their grasp of emerging trends and actionable plans are unmatched. A partner in culinary excellence from the first phone call.

- Lorna

About Maverick

With over 28 years of experience in the restaurant industry, Maverick is a seasoned professional with an outstanding track record. He has successfully supervised the launch of more than 517 new restaurants for some of the most reputable brands, including McDonald's, Donato's, Subway, TGI Friday's, Cooper's Hawk Winery, and many more. As the leader of the top restaurant consulting firm in the United States, he exudes confidence and expertise in all that he does.

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